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Berättelse: Dragonborn (Del 4)

Del 3 )
(För lång... Hela den här berättelsen är för lång... Allting jag skriver är för långt... Känns till och med som att boken jag skriver börjar bli för långdragen.... Mitt hår är också för långt, om det har med något att göra.)

On the fifth day I was there, the village was attacked by silver-eyes. Skye woke me up in the middle of the night, telling me to hurry and get dressed. A pair of pants, a shirt, a thicker jacket, a belt with a sword sheath attached to it, and a long cloak were folded at the end of the bed. At the floor a pair of boots was standing. I quickly got dressed and went out in the corridor. People working in the castle were running in panic, screaming, trying to get away. Skye grabbed my arm and dragged me to the throne hall. The king met us there, giving me a sword wrapped up in a blanket. “This is the dragon-sword, make sure to keep it.”
I took the sword, and unfolded the blanket around it. The sword handle were made of gold, shimmering in the lights from the candles that lit up the hall. The edge was sharp, thin, and light. But not too light. It felt as if the sword was made for me, which it pretty much was. A pattern was carved into it. Squiggly lines up and down, beautiful and soft. I put the sword in the sheath, feeling the weight from it on my hip.
“They are everywhere,” Elyon said. “So make sure they don’t see you. Run, hide, walk, jump. Do whatever you need to in order to not be seen. They’re too many for you to fight.”
I glanced outside the window. People were screaming in panic, the roads were covered in ice, as well as everything else, and silver-eyes were everywhere, slaying everyone in their way.
This was what I was supposed to defeat.
“Let’s go, Scarlet.”
I turned to Skye, who were looking at me with calm eyes. Right, I wouldn’t be alone in this. He bowed to the king, and I did the same.
“We’ll be back soon,” Skye said, “and then the silver-king will be gone.”
With that said, he turned around, and walked out of the hall. I followed him, scared for what was awaiting us outside. He walked through corridors I had never seen before, in the opposite direction from the way out.
“Skye… Where are we going? Sorry, just had to ask.”
“Don’t apologize. There’s another way out this way. It’s closer to the forest, and hopefully there won’t be that many silver-eyes there.”
We kept going through some more corridors, before finally reaching the door out. He opened it carefully, glancing out. “There’s a few of them there. We’ll stick to the wall, to begin with.” He was almost outside when he stopped and said: “And oh, put on the hood. Your hair will give us away otherwise.” I did as he said, making sure to hide my hair well. After that, we went outside. Cold wind hit me in the face, making me stagger a bit. I leaned in to the wall, trying to look at the area around me. Silver-eyes were guarding a few meters away. “Don’t let any of them get away!” one of them yelled. “Loot their houses and their clothes! Take everything worth anything!”
I shivered, and had the hood cover my face even more than it already was. We came to the corner of the castle. Skye took a look around, and sighed. “Not to cause panic or anything, but I think we will have to run for it.”
“Why do you always want to run for it!?” I hissed.
“Because sometimes, running is the only thing to do.”
I took a look myself, and I had to admit running seemed like the only option. There was nowhere to hide. Silver-eyes were everywhere, spreading their cold aura over the city.
“See that flower over there? The purple one?”
I nodded.
“That’s our goal. That’s our way into the forest.”
The purple flower was small, but it was easy to see it, and it did seem like that was the smartest way into the forest.
“But oh, don’t stop when you get to the flower. Keep running or you’ll get caught.”
I glared at him. “How stupid do you think I am?”
He shrugged carelessly. “Sorry, just wanted to make things clear.”
I ignored him, keeping my gaze steadily on the flower. I could look straight at it from here, without a silver-eye covering it. But they were still nearby. It wouldn’t matter what we did. We would get caught, and our only way out was to fight or run.
“Don’t run into them,” Skye’s voice came.
“Oh my god, are you even serious now!?”
“I am. You really shouldn’t run into them,” he said with a totally serious face.
“Are you just playing stupid or are you…” I interrupted myself, realizing that this was a waste of time. “Never mind.”
“Okay then. On three. Run with all you got and don’t stop until I tell you to do so.”
I nodded. We had to make this. We couldn’t fail already. We couldn’t fail before it had even started.
I wanted to make this so badly, and not just this. Everything. I wanted to summon the dragons and kill the silver-king and stop things like this from happening.
So we had to make it. We had to get to the forest.
We were off. It didn’t take long for them to spot us.
“They’re trying to escape! Catch them! Catch them!”
I went into that world where it was just me and my running and, in this case, the flower. Still, I did keep an eye out on my surroundings, making sure that no one came too close. Even then, one of them did. I don’t know where he came from. He appeared from nowhere, and he was huge. There was no way for me to dodge that. I felt like a bird flying right into a cage. I tried to get out of his grip, clawing, kicking, biting a little bit. But he wouldn’t budge. He kept holding me in his stone grip. Then suddenly, he loosened up. He stared at me with wide eyes and blood coming from his mouth, before falling to the ground. Behind him, Skye were standing with a bloody knife in his hand. He wiped the blood away with some tattered cloth, and put the knife back somewhere where I couldn’t see it. “Knives are easy to hide,” I remembered him saying.
“That was a close call,” he said as we kept running toward the forest.
When we reached the purple flower, I felt relieved. Until I looked back and saw how many of them were hunting us. It must’ve been ten to twenty of them at least.
“Skye, we won’t be able to run from all of them. They won’t let us get away.”
“I know.” He looked around, trying to come up with some kind of plan. “Keep running for a while, then find a tree and climb up in it. Make sure it’s a tree you can hide in.”
“What about you?”
He didn’t answer for some seconds. Seconds that felt like years.
“I’ll be coming after you,” he finally said. “Now, go.”
I did as I was told, even though I didn’t like it. Looking back, I saw Skye standing still until he got their full attention. Then he ran in another direction, making sure they were all following him. I didn’t like this at all. But Skye is smart, he’ll definitely make it. I should probably have a bit more faith in him. But I couldn’t help myself from worrying. If he left me now, I would be all alone in this. I knew I was being selfish, but I couldn’t stop myself from thinking like that. I didn’t want to be alone. Especially not now.
After running for a while, I stopped and looked around in the forest. It didn’t seem like anyone was after me, and I relaxed a bit. Remembering what Skye said, I looked for a tree good enough for hiding. But most of the trees had too sparse branches. After a lot of looking, I found one that seemed okay. The branches were thick and looked hard enough to bear me. I grabbed one of the branches and heaved myself up, finding spots to put my feet on. Continuing like that, I soon was high enough. I found a good place for sitting down and just wait, without anyone seeing me. And there came the waiting. I was so bored I almost fell asleep a few times, and if I fell asleep I would probably fall out of the tree. So I kept my eyes open, listening, mostly to have something to do. Birds were chirping far away, in a peaceful distance where people didn’t die for the moment. If I listened closely, I could still hear people scream from the way I had come from.
I didn’t know how much time passed, but I guessed it was a few hours at least. I hope Skye is okay… And if he wasn’t? How long should I wait for him, before continue on my own? There was no way for me to know if he’d come.
Something wet hit my hand. Rain? I looked up at the sky, and noticed it was full of dark clouds. Not long after that, the rain was pouring down. It didn’t take long for me to get drenched. I sighed. If my life had continued normally, I would be lying in my bed at home now, sleeping, unaware of everything. The thought sounded so good I got all teary.
“Where did you go? Little prince where are you?”
I carefully looked down, spotting a young silver-eyed man with a bloody dagger in his hand. Bloody. Why is it bloody?
“I know you went this way, little prince! Come out and let me chop you into shreds. I promise I’ll make you look beautiful!”
That meant Skye was still alive somewhere. But the blood on the dagger made me uneasy.
“Show yourselves you coward!” He opened his mouth to say something more, but was stopped when an arrow suddenly pierced him through the stomach. With surprise showing in his face, he took his last breath and fell.
Skye appeared from some big bushes, faltering and panting. A cut had been made in his left lower arm, but it was impossible for me to see how deep it was. I was about to climb down, but hesitated for a bit. Was it okay to come down now? Were our enemies gone? I waited for a bit, but no enemies came. Skye sank down against a tree, tilting his head backwards, letting the rain come down on his face. I started to climb down, making the leaves rustled. Skye put his hand on his sword hilt, ready to draw it if a silver-eye would appear. When he noticed it was me, he relaxed again. “Oh, you were there the whole time?”
“What the hell were you doing? You could have gotten yourself killed!”
“We could both have gotten ourselves killed. This little quest doesn’t exactly give us a choice. It’s always between life and death.”
“Still. Running off with them like that. It was stupid.” I eyed the wound on his arm, which was bleeding aggressively. “You’re hurt.”
“It’s just a flesh wound. I won’t bleed to death or anything.”
“It could get infected.”
“It won’t.”
“How do you know?”
“I don’t. I just want you to be quiet and stop worrying for a moment.”
I sighed, but stayed quiet. The rain was still pouring down on us, but it was getting brighter. Far away, I could see the sun going up. Well wasn’t that a good night? I thought sarcastically.
“Okay,” Skye said, “we should probably get going.”
“We should fix that wound first. Did we take any supplies with us? Like… Food, bandage, something?”
“Nope, we did not.”
I wasn’t even surprised. “How thoughtful of us.”
“Well, we were in a hurry. All we got is clothes and weapons. And oh… I managed to get us some water. It’s not much though.”
“It will have to do.” I tore off a piece of fabric from my clothes. “Take off your jacket and show me your arm.”
“And now you want me to strip as well?”
“If I wanted you to strip I would have just asked. I’m not exactly shy, you know.”
He grinned, and then did as I said. He took off his jacket. Under that, he wore a sweater. He started to pull up the sleeve, clenching his teeth in pain.
“Does it hurt?” The answer was right before my eyes, but I couldn’t help but ask anyway. In response he gave me a look that made me feel like the moron I may have been. When he finally got the sleeve up enough, I took a closer look at the cut. I still couldn’t clearly see how deep it was, because of all the blood, but it didn’t look too good.
“I want to clean it before I wrap it up.”
He threw me a water pouch with his healthy arm. “Don’t use too much.” I wondered if this was really all we had. He had kept it hidden though—as hidden as his knives—so hopefully, he had some more.
I poured some at the cloth, and then started to clean his wound carefully. He breathed deeply, trying to keep calm through the pain. I wasn’t exactly an expert at these kinds of things, so I couldn’t say I knew what I was doing. I could just hope that it would heal properly without causing us any more trouble than we already had.
I wrapped up the wound in fabric, telling myself that I had done enough even though I had no idea.
“If you get an infection from this I’ll kill you.”
“Thanks for the warning. Now I can run away before you’ve even drawn your sword.”
We both got up on our feet, looking in the direction we were going. It was a beautiful sight. The sun was half-hidden behind some mountains at the horizon, painting the sky in warm bright colors.
“Skye,” I said with a low voice.
“Yes?” He watched me with thoughtful eyes and a smile hinting on his lips.
“I’m glad that I’m not alone in this.” I looked down at my feet, hiding my blushing face from him. “I’m grateful for you being here, even though I don’t show it very well.”
He smiled brightly now, and patted me on the head. It reminded me of us standing in the pond—he gave me a pat on the head back then too. It felt like years ago now, even though only days had passed.
“Shall we go, Scarlet?”
I nodded, smiling now as well.

And so, our walk towards the dragons began.

(Del 5)

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