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Berättelse: Dragonborn (Del 2)

Del 1 ^^
(Publiceras idag för att en viss person glömde bort att publicera den igår~ Btw, varning: Den är lång. (För lång... (Påminner igen om att min engelska inte alltid är super~)))

The next time I opened my eyes, I was staring up into a snow white ceiling. I turned my head to the left. There was a window, showing me green meadows, rippling streams sparkling in the sunshine, close-built houses, great forests, and so much life. People walking outside, birds I had never seen or even dreamt about, movements in the forests, in the sky, on the roads, everywhere. The sun was on its way down behind the trees, so I guessed it was afternoon. Where am I? Memories came rushing back to me. I was with a friend, but on my way back home I was… Kidnapped? But I broke free. I was running, but was soon grabbed by someone else. Golden-boy. We ran. We walked. We swam. There was a portal. I ended up here, in this country, wherever this was. Then I passed out. What was happening? Thousands of questions were making a mess in my head.
Suddenly the door was thrown open, and golden-boy entered. “I see you’re awake.” Because of the bright room, I felt like I could finally take a proper look at him. His black hair had been brushed, and wasn’t as messy as before. His golden-eyes were more beautiful than I’d ever imagined, and he had the longest eyelashes I’d seen. He was wearing a casual white shirt, a pair of dark brown—almost black—pants and brown leather boots. I stared at his clothing, and then turned to the window. Wagons were dragged by horses on narrow roads. The people outside were dressed in well-worn clothes, and the stores were nothing more than market stalls lined after each other. I thought about the berries, the portal, and started to put things together. This was some kind of fantasy world, wasn’t it? But was that really possible? No, of course it wasn’t. It had to be a dream. What else?
A young woman entered the room. Her blonde hair was tied in a knot, and her clothes—a long grey dress and an apron—told me that she was a servant. “Your Royal Highness,” she started, talking to golden-boy. “His Majesty is awaiting both of you in the throne hall.”
“I understand,” he answered.
The servant bowed, and then left the room.                                                                                 
“Your Royal Highness?” It was unbelievable. He couldn’t be… No.
“It’s exactly what it sounds like. I’m the son of a king, and right now that king wants to see us, so you should get dressed.”
I looked down at my clothes. Someone had changed me into one of those white traditional nightdresses. “Where are my clothes?”
Golden-boy shrugged. “I think the servant trashed them. I mean, I would’ve done the same. There were lots of big holes in them.” He whistled. “I wonder how that happened.”
“You bastard!” I jumped out of bed and tried to hit him, but he moved out the way and I hit the wall instead. “I’m going to kill you!”
He reached out his right hand, where bite marks were glowing irritatingly red. “Don’t forget you bit me.”
“And I’d gladly do it again!”
I grabbed a pillow from the bed and threw it at him. Then I saw some folded clothes lying on a chair, and I remembered I had to go see the king. “Get out of here, I have to change.”
“Oh, so you mean I can’t be here when you do that? What a disappointment…”
“I’m seriously going to kill you, you idiotic moronic jerky bastard!”
He laughed, and turned to the doorway. “Sorry, I was just joking. Well, I’ll be waiting somewhere nearby, so just shout if you need anything.” And so he left, closing the door properly after him. I exhaled, and sank down on the bed. I wanted this dream to end now. I wanted to wake up in my own bed and realize it really was a dream. Because being here, in this messed up world that didn’t exist, felt too real.
I unfolded the clothes on the chair. It was two dresses. One white underdress, and then a bigger one made of silk. It was light blue, with a purple flower pattern. Under the chair, a pair of shoes had been placed. Blue—matching to the dress—high heels. I could only stare at the dresses and shoes. I was supposed to wear that? No way. I’d never liked dresses, and me in high heels was not exactly a beautiful picture. But what was I supposed to do? I took off the nightdress, and put on the underdress quickly, uneasy because of golden-boy standing nearby somewhere. The dress was tight, but it was okay. I swiftly took on the other dress as well, letting the long fabric fall down. I looked at myself in a mirror placed on the other side of the room. I barely recognized myself. It didn’t look like me at all. In the mirror I saw a girl with tangled red hair and bruises on her face. Her skin was almost as white as the ceiling, and her right arm had red marks on it, signs of someone wrapping their hand around her to tightly. But the thing that shocked her most of all was her eyes. They weren’t their natural green. They were golden. The same color as golden-boy’s eyes. They were staring at her, showing her the shock she felt.
It’s just a dream, don’t forget that.
I put on the shoes, and staggered to the door. Geez, the king will totally think I’m high on something, not even able to walk properly.
I came out in a long corridor. One of the walls was full of windows, leading out to a grass yard, while the other wall was full of paintings by artists I had never heard about. Golden-boy was standing a few meters away in front of one of the windows, deeply lost in thought. When he heard me coming—which wasn’t so hard because of the click-clacking sound that escaped every time the shoes met the hard floor—he looked up. Then he frowned. “What are you doing?”
“What do you mean?”
“Did you break your back?”
“Have you ever tried to walk in these!?” I pointed at the shoes.
He shook his head, making his hair fly all around him.
“Well then don’t say anything about it!”
I took the shoes off and held them in my hand instead. Golden-boy watched the shoes dangling in my hand with amusement. “What a good lady you are, walking barefoot in the king’s castle.”
“Can we just walk now!?”
We walked through corridor after corridor after even more corridors. We were both silent, busy with our own thoughts. I eyed the castle with amazement. It was all so big and light and clean. I took a glance out through one of the windows, where the yard was. In the middle, a beautiful fountain was placed. It pictured a female angel, and the water came from a flute she was playing. Around the fountain there were golden benches and apple trees, and further away there was a rose garden.
“Hey,” golden-boy suddenly said, “I feel like I should introduce myself.”
I nodded in agreement.
“Well, as you already know, I’m a prince. My name is Skyler Lionclaw, but I prefer to be called Skye…” He scratched his head. “It isn’t really much more to tell. Don’t trust anything I do or say, that’s pretty much everything you need to know. That I’m not a trustable guy.”
“That can’t be it. There should be at least hundred things about each person.”
“Well, not me.”
I let out a deep sigh. We stayed quiet for the rest of the walk. After a while we ended up in front of a huge couple of double doors, as white as the rest of the castle.
“Oh right,” Skye said, “there’s one more thing I should tell about me.”
“And that is?”
He kept his eyes set at the door handles, ready to push the door open. “I’m your fiancé.” And so he entered the throne hall and left me choking on my saliva. What!? Fiancé? But that means… No way! The words he’d said when I asked him who he was came back to me: “If I told you, you would take me for a psychopath.” Well, he was absolutely right about that.
I was frozen in shock. He was joking with me, right? It was a joke. It had to be. And even if it isn’t, this is still a dream.
I swallowed, and walked into the hall in order to meet the king, barefoot, with the shoes still hanging loosely in one of my hands. At least I could walk properly now.
On the other side of the hall, the king was sitting on his throne. He was a big man, with a long thick beard and golden eyes full of experience and wisdom. He stood up when we came, and the long robe he was wearing fell to the ground and was dragged after his feet. Then he saw my shoes, that weren’t where they were supposed to be.
“Are they really that uncomfortable?”
“Indeed they are, Your Majesty.”
“Oh no need to bother with titles. I am Elyon Lionclaw, and that is my son, Skyler Lionclaw, as you’ve already met. Welcome to Laminoux! To be more specific, you are currently in the country Seiva. In the city Asíva. In the king’s castle…” He seemed quite lost, not knowing what he was supposed to say. “…Well, milady, it’s your turn. Introduce yourself, please.”
“Well… My name is Theresa Grey, I…”
“Wrong. Try something else.”
I started to shake. What did he mean? It wasn’t wrong at all! My name was Theresa. Theresa Grey. Right?
“My mother is Janette Grey, and my father is Harry Grey.”
“Wrong, and wrong again.”
No, it’s not wrong. You’re lying. It’s not wrong at all.
But apparently, it was.
“In order for you to understand this correctly, I will have to tell you a long story. Do you want to hear it?”
“Yes, of course.” There was no way this issue had a logic explanation.
“Okay then. Well, it all started before you were even born. There was, no, is, a man known as the silver-king. His real name is Kalyos Maple. He was just an ordinary boy, like all boys. But he was alone, and unseen. He was never praised, never loved, never talked to. He tried, over and over, but people kept treating him like that. Because he was a bastard. His father made a mistake and got one of his servants pregnant, and Kalyos was the one who had to pay for it. So, one day, when he was older, he escaped to the forests. No one knew where he went, or what he was doing. But they didn’t exactly care, which they should have. Because Kalyos was teaching himself magic. Everyone, both silver-eyed and golden-eyed, is able to master magic, but it’s really hard. It’s nearly impossible. If you are lucky and find a very powerful mage who can teach you, your change is pretty big. But by yourself? No, that’s nothing I recommend. But Kalyos managed to do it. A few years later, he returned to his home. He tried using his new skills in order to make people do what he wanted. He was still innocent then, though. But as he kept experiencing and trying new things, he changed. He forced people to kill and burn and fight. The land became chaos, as did Kalyos. He was no longer aware about what he was doing. All he wanted was the power. He wanted people to look up to him, fear him, and regret what they did to him. But, here’s the thing. He was only able to control silver-eyes. You see, the magic is in our eyes. Golden-eyes get their power from warmth, while silver-eyes get their from coldness. Of course, there’s a lot of spells you can use on all kinds of people. But to possess someone’s mind and order them around, you need to have the same kind of magic. That’s why he wanted to get rid of the golden-eyes so badly. Because he didn’t have the power to control us. He did everything he could. He also discovered that he was a Dragonborn. A Dragonborn is a person with the power of a dragon. They can make the dragons obey them, which is a great advantage in a war. So he summoned the ice dragons, and we thought that was the end for us. That is where your mother comes into the story. She came here, to the throne room. She didn’t bow, or showed any ounce of respect. She just simply told us she was a Dragonborn, and that was it. I remember how everyone in here laughed at her. Her eyes started glowing even more than before, and suddenly she had put herself on fire, walking towards me. I remember it so clearly. I was staring at a walking fire. Everyone in the room was. She introduced herself as Calla Dragonir, and said she would summon the fire dragons for us if I would let you get engaged to my firstborn son, Skyler, who was just three months by then. You weren’t born yet. Your mother wasn’t even carrying you in her belly yet. She said she just knew that she would get a daughter next year.” He took a deep breath.
So, it was true then. I was engaged to the idiot beside me. I thought about everything Elyon had said so far. It was so much. Also, if my mother was one of these Dragonborns. Wouldn’t that mean I was one as well?
“Well,” The king continued. “She summoned the dragons. She also put up a barrier between silver and gold. A magic barrier that no one could pass. You had to teleport in order to cross to the others land, and teleporting isn’t always the easiest thing to do. A few weeks later, she got pregnant. I don’t know who the man was, if there even was one. Dragonborns are mystical in a lot of ways. So, one day, one of my guards found a little baby screaming outside the castle gates. A baby with flaming red hair. You were laying in a basket, with a note in it. Though, the only thing written on the note was Scarlet Dragonir. That’s your name—Scarlet, and you’re a Dragonborn, as your mother was. I haven’t seen her since she put up the barrier. No one has, I think. She left you here, and that was her goodbye.
Though, we were still living in war-times. When the dragons realized their master was gone, they went back to their cage, unreachable for all of us. The silver-eyes became stronger, and the barrier became weaker. I knew you were our only hope. You were the only Dragonborn I knew, and I knew we needed dragons to win. That’s why I sent you to the Earth. I used magic to hide your golden eyes, mixed with a few minds in order to make them believe you were their child, and sent you to Earth. I knew you would be safe there, until the dragon inside you would awaken. And that’s what happened yesterday. Your true power woke up, and that’s why the enemies, and Skyler, could track you so easily. Because your magical power went crazy, and we could easily sense it. So, Scarlet. It might be much, but we need you to summon the dragons, teleport to the enemies land, and defeat the silver-king, by destroying his dragon-sword. The dragons of ice wouldn’t listen to him then, and we could win.”
 I was astonished. It was way too much to take in at once. I had the power of a dragon. My name was Scarlet Dragonir. I was now supposed to make dragons obey me and defeat this silver-king. Yeah, sure, I could do that. Totally. That didn’t sound hard at all.
“Are you kidding me!?” I yelled. “You want me to do all that? I can’t. I’m sorry, but I really can’t. I may be able to summon these dragons in a few years, but teleport to your enemies and defeat their king? I’m not too sure about that.”
The king nodded. “I know it’s a lot, but it has to be you. I forgot to tell you this before, but your mother left her sword here too. I studied it, but every time I tried to touch it I nearly burned my fingers off. So I realized, after going to the library a few times, that it’s a dragon-sword of fire. That’s the only weapon that can destroy a dragon-sword of ice. A lot of golden-eyes have tried to kill him, since that would defeat him as well, but they all failed. After a few attempts, we figured that he must have made himself immune against dying. I didn’t think it was possible, but that must be the case. So, the only way to defeat him is to get rid of his dragon-powers, which must be done with another dragon-sword. And since you are the only Dragonborn of fire I know, you are the only one who can do it, Scarlet.”
I staggered on my feet. “Sorry, it’s just… So much.”
“I know, and I’m not going to force you to do anything.”
I’m the only one who can do it. So many lives were lying on my shoulders. They need me. They had been waiting for me. They had waited all these years—from the day I was sent to earth, to now, when the dragon inside me awakened. I couldn’t refuse. Thinking about all those people whose lives were at stake, I couldn’t say no.
“No, it’s fine. I’ll do it.”
The king studied me with his wise eyes, and somewhere deep inside them, I was able to see proudness. “Well then, Scarlet. You’re free to change your mind, but if you don’t, I’d like to send you off as soon as possible. The barrier is getting weaker for every day, and their attacks are coming stronger and stronger.”
“I see. I just have to ask… Will I be going alone?”
“Not entirely. I’m planning to send Skyler with you. I wish I could send a whole army with you, but that would attract the enemies’ attention too easily. I want you to get there with the dragons without them knowing. Also, the chance of your survival is greater if you’re not noticed.”
Skye looked up in surprise. For the first time since I’d met him, he didn’t smile. “Father, are you…?”
“Not now, Skyler. I’ll talk to you later.” He turned to me. “I think that’s all for now. Before sending you off, I’d like you to practice some sword technique. Skyler will teach you a little tomorrow morning. Just the basic. Turning you into a proper warrior would take too much time.” Elyon stopped talking. He took a step forward, put his hands on my cheeks, and kissed my head. “I will owe you for the rest of my life, Scarlet.”
He told me to go back to my room, while asking Skye to stay. Well, I was actually going to walk straight back to my room, before realizing that I didn’t know the way there. The whole castle was just a huge labyrinth of corridors. So I decided to wait for Skye. I leaned back against a wall, when I suddenly heard Skye yell: “What the hell was that!?” The sudden outrage made me jump. It felt weird to hear him upset. He always had that kind of amused tone while talking to me, as if teasing me was the funniest thing he had ever done.
“Calm down, son.”
“Calm down? You want me to calm down!? Do you want her dead? Leaving me alone with her in the middle of a forest? What are you thinking!?”
I leaned closer to the door, in order to hear their conversation clearly.
“I trust you. That’s all.”
Someone, most likely Skye, walked back and forth. Aggressive steps echoed in the hall. “You can’t trust me. You can’t. I could kill her! It could happen at night, when she’s sleeping. I could sneak up on her and cut her throat off or stab her in the heart or strangle her or god knows what!”
“Skyler Lionclaw. I wouldn’t put you on this quest under these circumstances if I didn’t trust you. You are strong enough to handle it.”
“I killed my sister! I killed her because I was not strong enough to handle it! Nothing has changed now!”
“Do not get your sister involved in this!” The king was yelling as well now. I was shivering. What was this? Did Skye have some kind of weird urge of killing people, or what? I slowly stood up, and started walking through the corridor, barefoot, with shoes dangling in my hand.
What did I just say yes to? It was all so insane. Me, summoning dragons, killing silver-kings that no one else could kill. It was insane. Way too insane. But it’s a dream, so it doesn’t matter. I wasn’t so sure about that anymore though. It felt too real to be a dream. Me walking here in a huge white castle on the cold floor felt too real. Still, this world doesn’t exist, so it has to be a dream, after all. I kept telling myself it was, without actually believing it.
After walking for a pretty long while, I realized that I would never find the way back to my room. I sank down against the wall, sighing loudly.
“Scarlet? You’re planning on sleeping out here tonight?”
Skye was standing a few meters away, arms crossed over his chest, leaning easily against the wall.
“Yeah, sleeping on the floor in a corridor is surprisingly comfortable you know.”
He cracked a smile. Then he walked closer, and sat down on the floor beside me. “Are you really sure about this? Making friends with dragons and stuff?”
“No. I’m not sure about it at all. Still, it feels like it’s the right thing to do. I’m the only one who can, right? Everyone has been waiting for me, so I feel like I should do it.”
Skye’s golden eyes went focused on me. I raised my head, looking back at him. His eyes were so deep, as if you would end up falling into them forever, without ever hitting the ground. But unlike earlier when he took me through the forest and made me go through the portal and teased me, they were full of sadness now. I thought of asking about what I’d heard earlier. About him killing his sister, but in the end, asking that didn’t seem like a good idea. I wasn’t supposed to hear that conversation at all.
Skye turned away from me, placing his eyes at the window instead. “You could die. You’re aware of that, right?”
“Of course I am.”
He took a deep breath. “Well, you won’t be alone out there. It seems like you will have to deal with me a lot now.”
I couldn’t help but smile a little. Skye really was the most annoying person I’d ever met, but I couldn’t look away from the fact that I really would enjoy his company. In the end, he wasn’t that bad.
“Want me to help you find your room?” he offered.
“Sure. I can find it myself though. I know where I’m going.”
He chuckled, stood up, and reached out a hand to me. “Sure you do, Scarlet.” I took his hand and he helped me up. Then we walked. He took me to my room, we said goodnight, and that was it. I looked out through the window. There weren’t many people there anymore.
I went straight to bed, exhausted. Tomorrow I would learn how to wield a sword. I won’t be surprised if I manage to cut off my own head.
I looked up at the ceiling. Would I ever be able to go back to Earth? Would I ever see my family again? What would they think now, when I suddenly disappeared? A tear slipped out one of my eyes. Everything happened so fast. I didn’t want this. I didn’t want any of this. Yet, it all happened to me, and no one else. I was the only one who could do this. I, Scarlet Dragonir. The name felt weird. Up until now, I had been Theresa Grey, a girl with flaming red hair, green eyes, and a bad temper. Now in a few hours I had turned into someone entirely different.
There is no Theresa Grey anymore.
She doesn’t exist.
But Scarlet Dragonir does.
She’s right here; ready to give the silver-eyes a hard time.

Thinking like that, I eventually fell asleep.


Sa ju det – den blev lång. (Nästa del kommer nästa vecka, förhoppningsvis på tisdagen.)
Del 3

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