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Berättelse: Dragonborn (Del 1)

Okej så några dagar sen frågade jag om någon var intresserad av att läsa en engelska-berättelse jag skrev i skolan~ Och tydligen var någon intresserad~ Så här får ni början ^^ (Språket är inte alltid det bästa, jag vet~ ;) )

I was never someone special. I was Theresa Grey, a girl with green eyes and red hair that was often compared to fire. But none of those things made me special. I was the girl with a bad temper who didn’t really have any friends—or well, I had, but I knew they didn’t really like me. They most likely only hung around with me because they didn’t want me to beat them up or yell at them. I was kind of a scary person. When I found someone irritating—which was more or less all the time—I didn’t try to hide it. I told them exactly what I thought, which caused fights. Yeah, I was trouble, and it had always been like that.
Also, from the day I actually started thinking about life, I realized that something was missing. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. I just knew that a part of me was missing, and had to be found.

I was walking home from one of those friends who were scared of me. It was my eighteenth birthday, and so far the day was nothing more than just an ordinary day.
It was nine o’clock, and the streetlights lightened up my way in a yellowish glow. Then, to my surprise, the lights went out. I looked around, astonished. It was nearly pitch black. Even the moon had been covered by clouds. I slowly started walking again, being on my guard. A breeze flew past, and the cold gave me shivers.
I suddenly heard something in the bushes. I turned around quickly, but I was the only one there, as far as I could see. I turned around again, finding myself standing face to face with a man. Or well, not exactly face to face. He was both taller and bigger than me. I jumped back in surprise, staring at him with wide eyes. His hair was black, reaching down to his waist. It was hard to make out any details, because of the darkness, but I could see a lot of jewelry glimmering. Silver jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rivets. Even his eyes were glimmering in silver, clear and beautiful.
“Found you, little girl,” he said before he grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to him, an evil smile smeared all over his face. “His majesty shall give me my prize. He shall give me silver, honor, the life of a duke!” The man almost started to shake from the excitement. Then he calmed down and glared at me. “Just follow me, little girl, and I won’t hurt you.”
I looked back at him, trying to hide how scared I was. I had to think. Going into a one-on-one battle with him didn’t seem like such a good idea. But if I could get the chance to run, I could make it. I’d always been a good runner. So, in order to not think more about it, I raised my hand that wasn’t being grabbed, and slapped him. It probably didn’t hurt that much, but it took him by surprise, and there was my chance. I broke free from his grip, and ran. I could hear him scream after me, but I was in my own little world, focusing on running. His quick footsteps were loud behind me, so I knew he was actually hunting me. This was a hunt. I was the animal, he was the hunter, and I wouldn’t be caught. I ran faster. There was a pretty long way left to the nearest house, but if only I could get some space, I could call the police. That’s when it happened. I was grabbed again, but not from behind, as expected. I was grabbed from the side, and violently pulled into the forest. By instinct, I was about to scream, but a hand covered my mouth. I took the moment to my advance and bit into it. The attacker jerked away.
“Ouch! What in the heavens do you think you’re doing!?” Judging by voice, the person in front of me was male. I tried to run away, but couldn’t. I looked down, noticing that I was literally being pierced to a tree. Or well, my clothes were. Several knife handles were sticking out of the bark, making holes in my clothes, keeping me in place.
“You pierced me to a tree!” I exclaimed.
“Well, you bit me, so I think we’re even.” He took a step closer. “If you promise to not run away, I’ll pull out the knives.”
“Why shouldn’t I run away?” I tried to understand something. Who was this? Who was the other man? What did they want? They were all questions I couldn’t find an answer to.
“There you are!” someone suddenly shouted. “Come here little girl!”
“Whoops, they found us,” the boy in front of me stated as he started to pull out the knives.
“I kind of figured that out myself. Also, don’t talk about us as if we’re a team.”
He grinned at me. “Oh, but we are. You just don’t know it yet.” He pulled out the last knives, and before I got the chance to run away from him, he took my hand and had me running after him.
Knives came flying towards us from all directions. I only managed to get a few glances of the people throwing them at us—they all wore silver jewelry, but that was pretty much everything I saw. Right after they threw away a knife, they disappeared behind a tree.
I studied the boy from behind. His figure was pretty slender, but still muscular. His head was full of dark messy hair reaching down to his shoulders, and—I hadn’t noticed it before—but he was wearing a lot of jewelry, like the people attacking us. The difference though, was that the attackers’ were of silver, and the boy’s were of golden. A golden-boy.
“Who are you?” I asked, eyes set on a ring dangling in his ear.
“If I told you, you would take me for a psychopath.”
“Oh,” I said. “So you aren’t a psychopath, then?”
He turned his head to me, and smiled.
We kept running for a while. I don’t know for how long, but I was getting really tired, and I didn’t know how long I would be able to keep it up. Then golden-boy abruptly stopped, which caused me to almost run into him. He looked around, listening. “I think we can take it easy from here, they should’ve lost us a long time ago.” He looked at me. “Should we go then?”
“Can you let go of my hand first?”
His eyes went down to his hand that was still holding tight onto mine. “Won’t you run away then?”
“I have no idea about where we are. Where would I run?”
“Well…” He thought for a moment. “Okay, I trust you on this one,” he said, as he let go of my hand. And I stood still. Mostly because I trusted this guy more than the others, who had been throwing knives at us.
“Let’s go,” I said.
His eyes—glowing in golden—watched me with gratitude, and his smile grew wider. Then he turned around and started walking, followed by me. It was a beautiful place. Especially now, when the sun was going up. I’d been away for so many hours. I wondered if someone had taken notice to my absence yet.
“There, we’re here.” Golden-boy stopped in front of a pond. His hand went down in a pocket, and suddenly he was holding a small pouch. He opened it and poured out some kinds of berries in his other hands. Then he reached it out to me. “Take one. Or two, if you want to become a fish…”
“They make you able to breathe under water. They’re kind of powerful though… A friend of mine ate two, and had to stay under water for a week. He couldn’t handle oxygen anymore.”
“How do I know you’re not trying to poison me or something? Where are you taking me anyway? Why should I trust you!?”
He was lost in thought for a while. I patiently stood still, waiting.
“Well,” he finally said, “you shouldn’t. I don’t even trust myself most of the time.”
I sighed. But after all, he did help me, kind of. If he wanted me dead, he would’ve killed me already. So I took one of the berries and swallowed it. He did the same, and put the rest back into the pouch. Then he started to wade out into the crystal clear water. “Are you coming?”
I looked at the pond. What was this? Berries that gave you the power to breathe under water? It must be a trick. But when I looked at golden-boy standing there with water up to his knees and a tender smile, I was almost entirely sure that he only meant well. He didn’t want to hurt me.
I took a step out into the water, and then another, followed by another one.
“Good girl,” he said and gave me a pat on the head. It made me surprised, but also quite happy. He was annoying, indeed, but in that moment, I was truly able to believe he was a kind person, and that made me happy.
We went further out in the water, until we nearly couldn’t reach the sand beneath us. So we dived. I automatically held my breath at first, but then I stopped, and realized that what he had said was true. I could breathe under water. Even my vision had changed. It was as clear as ever, so I could see every single detail.
Our direction turned down. The pond was both bigger and deeper than I had thought. After a while, we came to a tunnel. The walls were shimmering in blue and purple and pink, and a lot of crystals were stuck to them.
We kept swimming, and I noticed how the tunnel slowly turned darker. It’s like a movie, I thought. Because I couldn’t accept the fact that this was reality. It couldn’t be, right? I was breathing under water. Things like that never happen in reality. I would soon wake up and realize this was all a dream. Because that was the only explanation I could come up with.
When lost in thought, I barely noticed how the tunnel came to an end. As the rest of the tunnel was dark, this little area dazzled with lights. It took a while before I was able to look at it without going blind.
Golden-boy took something out from his pocket again. It was a purple crystal, like the ones attached to the walls. He held the crystal in front of him, closed his eyes, and a few seconds later there were lights everywhere. I looked away. The lights were so strong, as if I was standing face to face with the sun. After a while the lights slowly died away. I was able to look again, and to my surprise there wasn’t a wall there anymore. It looked like some kind of glass-mirror, showing me a beautiful landscape with a white castle and… Dragons?
Golden-boy gesticulated towards the glass, telling me to go closer to it. I looked at him as if he was a total weirdo, before realizing that he actually was. I took a deep breath, and went closer to the glass. I reached out a hand towards it, having absolutely no idea about what was going to happen. I hesitated, but then reached it out further, and as my fingertip came in contact with the glass, I was dragged into it. The surprise attacked me with full force, and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Then suddenly I was looking up at the stars. I was floating around in space, and it was all so calm and peaceful I just wanted to cry. But the area changed, and the next second I was walking through ice and fire, followed by a bright light that made me close my eyes. When I dared to open them again, I found myself in the landscape I had seen in the mirror. I was standing beside a pond, looking very much alike the pond I had just dived into. Without warning, golden-boy appeared in front of me.
“God you scared me!”
“Well, I’m glad you seem to have made it here safe and sound. Portals aren’t really trustworthy. A lot of people get stuck somewhere on the way.”
“Yeah, that thing that just threw you out to space, moron.” I was about to yell at him for calling me moron, but he turned away. He looked up, over the treetops, where you could see a golden flag attached to a white castle.
“Welcome to Laminoux,” he said, “the land you were born in.”
I looked at him, astonished, waiting for some kind of explanation. But he just stood there, watching the flag sway in the wind. My head started to ache and the exhaustion after all the running, walking, swimming, caught up with me. I swayed on my feet, and leaned against a tree beside me. Golden-boy turned around and went pale when he saw me.
“Hey, you okay there?”
“I…” My voice died out. I felt so weak. The words wouldn’t come out, and my legs bended themselves underneath me.
“Ginger, don’t die on me now.”
“Don’t call me Ginger you idiot.”
That put a smile on his face, and he took one of my arms and put it around his shoulder. “You’ll be fine. If you still got the power to call me idiot, I know you’ll be fine. Also, you have ginger hair, so what’s wrong with calling you Ginger, Ginger?”
I wanted to hit him. Or bite him again, harder this time. But my arms felt limp beside me, and I could barely keep my eyes open anymore.
“You’re just exhausted,” he said. “Come on, let’s get you some rest.”
And so I passed out.


Del 2
Såååååå~ Där fick ni början. Tror jag kommer publicera en del i veckan~ Vissa delar lär bli superlånga och vissa lär bli superkorta, det är svårt att dela upp det jämt x)
Hur som helst, hoppas ni gillade den ^^

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  1. Very good indeed! :D As a ginger, I like to read about other gingers! :) I only think, that there it's "This was a hunt. I was the animal, he was the hunter, and I wouldn’t be caught. I ran faster." should it been "This was a hunt. I was the animal, he was the hunter, BUT I wouldn’t be caught. I ran faster."
    Longs for the next part! :)

    1. Ah thank yoou!!
      And I see what you mean~ That's totally right... It would've been better with "but" :3
      (Not sure about why we're writing this in english but well xD)

  2. Oj vad bra! Nästa del nuuuuu :D

  3. Åhh blir så sugen att skriva! Det var länge sen nu, det är så svårt att hitta tid för det...


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